About us

Since 2015 it has been operating in Estonia. The company annually makes a profit and pays taxes according to the laws of the Republic of Estonia. The authorized capital of the company is 107,508 Euro. The main activity of the company is everything related to logistics, as well as investment activities. ORSEMA BALTIC OÜ shareholders are three natural persons, citizens of Lithuania, the company closely cooperates with companies in Lithuania that are related to shareholders.

Member of the Management Board Maxim Zhukovsky Zilber is a permanent employee of ORSEMA BALTIC OÜ, as well as a tax resident of Estonia. The company also has a vehicle registered in Estonia. In addition, a company in Estonia regularly buys financial, legal and insurance services. Our partner in the field of finance and tax legislation is OPTIM Finants OU, reg.k. 11368909. WASP is a permanent partner in the legal field. Our partner in the insurance field is OU ABC Kindlustusmaaklerid.